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Today’s FPGA and ASIC technologies provide a complex array of capabilities for a range of diverse markets. Let Covnetics guide you through to a solution that’s right for you. 

Covnetics specialises in design services for FPGA and ASIC technologies. With our team of skilled design consultants we can provide a range of electronic design services and design consultancy to meet your needs.

Our in-house engineering team has over 330 man-years of experience and have been involved in all phases of digital electronics design cycles. We can provide electronic hardware development, embedded software expertise and highly specialised FPGA/ASIC design services. Whether its front-end requirements capture and definition through to RTL design, verification and hardware validation we can provide the expertise to ensure your development meets and exceeds your expectations.

With our extensive background we can provide expert consultancy services, as well as provide competence in areas such as power, cost reduction and design migration.


Whether you are a company needing our specialist design skills or just some general guidance please contact us to see how we can help you.

We like to work closely with our customers and strive to meet all your demands. You can be sure we will take the time to understand your business, design processes and your problems. Our flexibility allows our customers to drive their projects against ever decreasing time scales and cost.


IP (Intellectual Property)

What is the value in IP (intellectual Property). In a number of sectors, we see an increasing value of IP for OEMs. Having their control and rights to their own bespoke IP helps OEM’s and leading technology brands achieve greater vertical integration, giving full control to features sets, as well as potential future upgrade routes (making best use of FPGA re-programmability) Higher levels of vertical integration are common to increasingly successful tier 1 OEMs and brands. Having rights to your own IP means that you are free to evolve your design, and less tied to specific or legacy technology implementations, this means that you can offer greater flexibility of technology and rapid technology migration routes rather than being confined to standardized commercial products and hence having to compete direct at the component and product feature level. This also provides for greater choice in supply chain, and contingency options.


FPGA Design and Verification

Covnetics has the complete team of highly skilled engineers who are able to architect, design and verify even the most complex of digital applications for FPGA’s today. We are able to develop solutions for even the most demanding of product specifications, and are able to provide solutions from DC, digital avionic IO control systems through to 100Gb/s communications systems utilising the most advanced technologies available from the leading FPGA vendors such as Intel, Xilinx and Microchip.

Our in house design teams are skilled and equipped with all necessary in house tool chains to cover concept and system design, right through to IP and RTL design and verification, including embedded systems. Our expert engineers can provide any level of system and design verification and are able to provide high speed board level prototyping verification and any level of independent design review and test.

We frequently develop hi speed board verification solutions with our clients to enable fast tracked system integration and or early software development and de risking, utilising the advantages of current commercially available FPGA platforms.


Systems Design Expertise

Our services start with customer requirements analysis and feature selection, with wide ranging expertise in avionics protocols, timing and synchronization as well as all ethernet and packet-based processing. We are able to provide a fully detail systems specification with requirement tracing, from top level down to modular and scalable design units. Complete with traceable verification and full test definition and results documentation.


Product Development

Beyond FPGA’s we combine our capabilities in software and hardware development with our systems design competence to provide the product solution for you. We have experience in analogue, digital design as well as RF design. Our expert engineering team are competent in circuit design and layout.

We offer our clients a quality focused design service from schematic capture through to prototype and demonstrator delivery contact us with your concept and we will take you through a detailed design specification through to finished prototype. We are adept are working within your hardware design processes and complimenting existing hardware and system design teams where additional skill sets and additional resources are provided by Covnetics skilled team members.

FPGA Device Selection

Utilise Covnetics modern FPGA technology knowledge to help select the most beneficial FPGA for you next design.

Hardware and FPGA interface reviews

Rely only Covnetics experienced team to provide a complete interface review, before committing your design to production.

Embedded Design: Software Development

Many modern FPGA applications utilise Modern embedded solutions, Covnetics can help provide the software you need for your next embedded project.

PCB Design

Have confidence in outsourcing your complete hardware design, including FPGA design and have Covnetics deliver your next prototype hardware.

FPGA System Design and Implementation

Our cross sector digital systems design and analysis is at the core of what Covnetics do in providing world class bespoke IP solutions meeting our clients’ requirements.

Circuit Design

Come to us for all aspects of modern circuit design: Analogue, digital, wireless, RF, SerDes, optical interfaces, PLL’s, Ethernet, ADPLL’s.

Schematic Capture

Need help with you next generation product design and schematic capture, Covnetics can help you get your hardware design right first time

FPGA/ASIC migration

Utilise Covnetics full range of specialist skills, have us analyse your current FPGA design. We can advise and fix legacy designs as well as tackle device/technology migration. In days of semiconductor supply chain limitation let the Covnetics Team migrate your existing design to either new or established technologies enabling greater flexibility for all your component sourcing needs.

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