Systems design and requirements definition

Looking for digital systems design expertise to handle your new large scale data processing solution? Covnetics has many years of both systems design and FPGA architecture knowledge that we can bring in to focus when analysing your new system needs. We will use a top down approach and functional decomposition to provide your bespoke processing needs.

Radio telescope signal processing

Looking for big data real-time processing solutions in hardware? Covnetics has first hand experience in design for such demanding applications as radio telescope data processing.

Complex large scale data processing

Data processing for larger scale scientific or industrial applications can be very demanding. Have Covnetics apply our experience in digital hardware acceleration system design to your challenging data processing needs.

FPGA accelerator card optimized implementation

Covnetics has first hand experience in FPGA based accelerator card data processing solutions, in this growing market of COTS based FPGA accelerator cards we can help you select and optimise your data processing needs.

FPGA accelerator and Pulsar capabilities research papers

We have a proven track record


“The deliverables from Covnetics were of the highest quality and provided high confidence that the design would meets its targets. Another key benefit in using Covnetics is that they were able to respond to our queries and issues immediately and supported our groups throughout the design development.”


Telecommunications Supplier, 2015

“From the outset, Covnetics presented themselves as knowledgeable and experienced electronics design subcontractors. We engaged with them on a short notice fast turnaround project.”

Milijan Mudrinic

Product Manager – Guidance Marine, 2014

“I would highly recommend Covnetics to anyone wanting a dependable and worry-free collaboration with a digital design partner.”

Design Manager

Major Semiconductor Company, 2017

“We engaged with Covnetics on an R&D activity where the starting point was a set of top level requirements and a degree of flexibility in the implementation. Thanks to the depth of experience and knowledge on the Covnetics team they were able to propose solutions and deliver a working prototype design. Communication and collaboration throughout the development was excellent, and we look forward to working together again.”

Engineering Manager

Aviation Supplier, 2023