Time Sensitive Networks Ethernet Switching

Have Covnetics deliver your next TSN Ethernet switch IP for ASIC or FPGA

TSN is the Ethernet standard defined by IEEE 802.1, it provides a network solution for time critical applications.

TSN incorporates the IEEE 1588-2008 PTP Precision Timing Protocol in the form of the 802.1as standard, this allows distributed timing information to be propagated to all timing aware end points within the ethernet network hence providing a common synchronisation to one timing Grand Master. This allows for accurate control of ethernet packet queues and also traffic bandwidths can be tightly controlled across the network providing deterministic quality of service.

The Covnetics team will work closely with your system requirements to deliver full-function VHDL IP to meet your TSN switching application needs.

Covnetics provides:

IEEE 1588-2008 PTP Precision Timing Protocol

IEEE 802.1Qav VLAN mapping of time sensitive and non time sensitive queues

IEEE 802.1AS Timing and synchronisation for Time Sensitive Networks

Improved Time of Day timestamping with SyncE – Synchronous Ethernet combined with IEEE1588

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